Related to Aaron and Moses?

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      Hullinger                J2                         12   23  15   10   14  18   11   15   13  13   11   29

Our markers are shown on the bottom line above.  They are pretty close to the Cohen line. Over time there are slight mutations that change the numbers slightly.  I have filed with a group of Cohen's who are conducting a study, and they will let us know if they think we fit.  We will wait for the outcome of the study, but for now, I am calling Moses and Aaron cousins.

Anyone doubts it, I will sing them Red's song below:

Our Singing Cowboy Uncle Red must have suspected this connection, since he often sang to his nephews and nieces this song.

I was born about 10,000 years ago,

There ain't nothin in this world that I don't know,

I saw Peter Pan and Moses dancin Ring around the Roses,

And I'll Whip the man who says it isn't so.

And then all the collected Nieces and Nephews loudly would say, "It isn't so!!!"

And Red would glare at us in mock anger.


This table is extracted from the Wikapedia. Our numbers are very close to those for the J2 descendants of Aaron. Read more on the Wikapedia link.

The form below shows results from an earlier genetic test that indicates we are 100% of European Descent. Middle eastern inputs are European.  Native American if any genetic inputs have disappeared.  But we will conduct an mtDNA test on Clif Hullinger to see if our Native American connection back to Ianahana Poe is correct.