English and Irish Ancestry From 23 and Me for Clif Hullinger

Clif Hullinger English and Irish Ancestry From 23 and Me.

It is nice to see that we have some Irish and Scottish ancestry.

British and Irish Ancestry from 23 and Me Craig Hullinger

The information above comes from 23andme, the DNA of Craig Hullinger.

The map and table above show the locations of our ancestors from Great Britain and Ireland. We knew about the ancestry from Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear. But our ancestry from Scotland at Dundee and Glasgow were a surprise.

Ancestral Locations in Germany from 23 and Me Clif Hullinger

Clif Hullinger Ancestral Locations in Germany.  Interesting that it does not show Swiss origin since we know that our Hollinger ancestor was from Canton Aargau, Switzerland.  Perhaps he was an immigrant from Germany. And Bavaria is close to Canton Aargau