Clifford and Louise Hullinger and later Beth and Craig Hullinger visited our lovely Swiss ancestral hometowns in Canton Aargau west of Zurich.  In 1984 Beth and Craig met our  cousin Elizabeth Hollinger in Switzerland, and in 2003 we saw Elizabeth again and met her son Christof and his wife Elizabeth. They were all very nice and brilliant. We compared our genealogies and determined that we were 13th cousins once removed.

In October 2010 Craig Hullinger took a genetic test to determine our "Y" Chromosome haplogroup. The "Y" Chromosome determines sex and is passed from father to son with minimal changes. It can be used to prove relationships among males and determine ancient originations. All male descendants and ancestors and cousins of John Hullinger will have identical or nearly identical "Y" haplogroup DNA. The test requires a simple swab of the inside of your mouth. The lab determined that our haplogroup is J.

The test showed that our Swiss Hullinger genealogy was accurate.  Our "Y" chromosome is closely related to four other Hullinger / Hollinger men who who also took the DNA test. 

I have contacted these cousins by email. Over time we should be able to determine our exact relationship by comparing our written genealogies.

The test also shows the number of Swiss matches against the total number of Swiss and European "Y" Haplogroups tested.  This result is quite low - only 2 Swiss cousins out of 1,618 Swiss tested. It is also rare in the rest of Europe. This indicates that our J haplogroup is a recent and rare haplogroup in Europe.This implies that we are probably a later migration into Switzerland and Europe.

Our haplogroup is J which is from the middle east. The maps below show the origination and migration path of men with the "J" Haplogroup.

The Map below from Wikipedia shows current concentrations of men with the "J" Haplogroup. Note that the highest concentration is in the middle east which probably shows where it originated.

Our Haplogroup is actually J2, a subdivision of J, which split from J and probably originated in the fertile crescent. It split from J 18,500 +/- 3,500 years ago.

Extracted From Wikapedia - Read more on the Link

"Haplogroup J2 is found mainly in the Fertile Crescent, the Caucasus, Anatolia, the BalkansItaly, the Mediterranean littoral, the Iranian plateauCentral Asia, and South Asia.  More specifically it is found in Iraq, SyriaLebanon, TurkeyIsraelPalestineGreeceItaly and the Iberian Peninsula, and more frequently in Iraqis 29.7% Lebanese 25%Palestinians16.8%Syrians 22.5% India 7%, Sephardic Jews 29%, Kurds 28.4%, Saudi Arabia 15.92%Jordan 14.3%, Oman 10-15%UAE 10.4%, Yemen 9.7%, in Israel, in Palestine, and in Turkey."

Very interesting.  We are descended from a Hollinger in Switzerland and are shown by the DNA test to be related to four other Hullinger / Hollinger men who descended from a common Swiss ancestor. 

But our deeper ancestry is from the middle east.  Our J-2 ancestor migrated into Switzerland. Most of the middle east was part of the Roman Empire, and he could have immigrated, been a slave, or a soldier.  

Hullinger / Hollinger Victims of the Holocaust

The Central Database of Shoa Victims' Names (Holocaust)
link below shows a number of Hollingers who were killed in the Holocaust. This was a surprise to us as all the Hullingers we knew were Protestant. We are very sorry for our Polish and Romanian cousins and consider ourselves fortunate that our ancestors stayed in Switzerland or migrated to America.

Most Hullingers who were killed in the Holocaust were living in Romania or Poland. I had wondered if these folks had converted from Christian to Jewish, but given the origin of our "J" Chromosome it seems more likely that our ancestors converted from Judaism to Christianity. 

The name Hullinger sounds German, not Romanian or Polish. Surnames in German speaking areas became common after the 1100's. It seems likely that the Hollinger / Hullinger name developed in a German speaking area, with some of our cousins later immigrating to Poland and Rumania.


There are forty Holliger’s listed in the on line phonebook for Israel. These folks are probably descended from European Jews. We do not know if we are related to them, but will probably know when they test for their "Y" DNA.

Litman Hollinger | HaHagana 11 Jerusalem | Display Number
Tzipora Hollinger | HaMa'agal 44 Kiryat Ono | Display Number
Bernard Hollinger | HaMa'agal 44 Kiryat Ono | Display Number
Liron Hollinger | Yitshak Sadeh 33 Bat Yam | Display Number
Tzipora Hollinger | Aharon Binyamini 8 Tel Aviv - Yafo | Display Number
Esther Hollinger | Mish'ol Rabi Tarfon 10 Bne Brak | Display Number
Dror Hollinger | Mitspe 3 Ramat Gan | Display Number
Rachel Hollinger | HaMatmid 29 Ramat Gan | Display Number
Rafael Hollinger | HaMatmid 29 Ramat Gan | Display Number
Daniel Hollinger | Avshalom Gissin 64 Petah Tikva | Display Number
Daniel Hollinger | Avshalom Gissin 64 Petah Tikva | Display Number
Yossef Hollinger | HaGra 4 Petah Tikva | Display Number
Shlomo Hollinger | Rabbi Yizhak Reines 15 Petah Tikva | Display Number
Tzvi Hollinger | Netiv Ha'Asara 23 Rishon LeTsiyon | Display Number
Moshe Hollinger | Yamit 51 Rishon LeTsiyon | Display Number
Rika Hollinger | HaRashba 4 Rishon LeTsiyon | Display Number
Sami Hollinger | HaRashba 4 Rishon LeTsiyon | Display Number
Yona Hollinger | David Shimoni 24 Hadera | Display Number
Sarit Hollinger | Bialik 35 Hadera | Display Number
Avi Hollinger | Avraham Shlonsky 32 Haifa | Display Number
Irit Hollinger | Avraham Shlonsky 32 Haifa | Display Number
Tzvi Hollinger | Denya 24 Haifa | Display Number
Tamar Hollinger | Denya 24 Haifa | Display Number
Tzvi Hollinger | Denya 24 Haifa | Display Number
Tamar Hollinger | Denya 24 Haifa | Display Number
Eyal Hollinger | Denya 24 Haifa | Display Number
Dror Hollinger | Kidron 6 Haifa | Display Number
Kroll Hollinger | David Pinski 41 Haifa | Display Number
Ruth Hollinger | David Pinski 41 Haifa | Display Number
Israel Hollinger | Dr. Aharon Marshov 8 Rehovot | Display Number
Henia Hollinger | Montefiore 19 Netanya | Display Number
Rachel Hollinger | Dizengoff 2 Netanya | Display Number
Rafi Hollinger | Dizengoff 2 Netanya | Display Number
Willy Hollinger | HeMeyasdim 19 Kfar Yona | Display Number
Willy Hollinger | Kfar Yona | Display Number
Rivka Hollinger | Shaharit 5 Hertsliya | Display Number
Moshe Hollinger | Shaharit 5 Hertsliya | Display Number
Tzila Hollinger | Hartsit 1 Netanya 42490 | Display Number
Zeev Willy Hollinger | HeMeyasdim 19 Kfar Yona 40300 | Display Number
Ofir Hollinger | Golani 67 Kfar Yona 40300 | Display Number

DNA Y Certificate


The information below shows our "J" Y Chromosome information.

The Table below shows the results from the Hullinger, Hollinger, Holinger DNA Study. You can see that we are closely related to our cousins in the table. Our thanks to Scot Norton of  for conducting this study.

Click on the links below for more information.


Heini Hollinger
b. 1446
Hans H. Hollinger
b. 1478
Junghans J. Hollinger
b. 1504
m Margaretha R. Rebmeyer
Heini Hollinger
b. 1548
m. Barbara Meyer
Heini Hollinger
b. 1591
m. Anna Huber
Rudolph O. Hollinger
b. 1627
m. Anna Hummel or Humbel
Jacob Hollinger
Birth: 17 Oct 1661
Death: 1722

DNA 97716

Hans Jacob Hollinger,
born 20 Feb 1701, Place Egiswil, Aargua, Switzerland,
Died Jun 1782, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli, Abt 1720 at Zweybruecken, , Germany. Anna Elisabeth Esterli, was born Abt 1702/4 in Boniswil, Aargau, Switzerland, Died 1753, Warwick Twp. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married 2nd Anna Elisabeth Kuester,
Born Abt 1734, Pennsylvania, USA. Died Abt 1800, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, Buried on Son Adam's Farm, Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Anna Elizabeth's father Tobias Kuester, mother Anna Elisabeth Zimmermann.

source: DelMar Norton
Source: Immigration: 1717 Zweybrucken Germany, Switerland
Immigration: 1731 USA, Germany
In 1736 Jacob returned to Pensylvania from the Palatine,
in Germany, aboard the ship Harle. 
source: book Said to have married 2 or 3 times and had 24 children"
Married 2nd
 Anna Elisabeth Kuester
(Twin) Tobias Hollinger, Born 6 Apr 1757, White Oak, Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, USA, Married Maria Herr, 7 Mar 1780, Reformed Church,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married 2nd Anna Elisabeth Kuester(Twin) Johann George Hollinger, Born 6 Apr 1757, White Oak, Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, USA, Died 6 Dec 1833.
Married 2nd Anna Elisabeth KuesterAnna Hollinger, Born Abt 1760, Donegal, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania,
USA. Anna Married Lorenz Helman.
Married 2nd Anna Elisabeth KuesterValentin Hollinger, Born 1761, White Oak, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA,
Died 1845, Reading Twp, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA. Valentin married Anna
Maria Meyer.
Married 2nd Anna Elisabeth KuesterBarbara Hollinger, Born 10 Jan 1766, White Oak, Allegy, Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, USA, Died 28 Oct 1846, Pennsylvania, USA, Buried Zion's Reform
Church, Brickersville, Pennsylvania, USA. Barbara Married Philip Lehner, Abt
1784, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli,(Twin) Jacob Hollinger,
Born 29 Nov 1726, Germany or Eldin, Waldormor, Switzerland,
Died 1781/2, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA,
Buried Union Church, Pennsylvania, USA
Married Anna Barbara Steinweg, Switzerland
source: DelMar Norton
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli,
Kristian Hullinger or Hollinger,
Born Abt 1734, Germany or Switzerland,
Died Dec 1802, Sockeville, Berkley, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married Eva Dorothea Foltz, 1755, Warwick Twp, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
DNA 97716
Daniel HULLINGER (Sr.)
BIRTH: 12 MAR 1757, Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
DEATH: 22 JUL 1839, Mad River Townhip, Champaign, Ohio
Revolutionary War 

DNA 97716
John Hullinger
m. Olive Coe
DNA 97716
Harvey Coe Hullinger, 
Born 2 Dec 1824,
Died 29 Jan 1926.
m. Julia Ann BLOSE
History of Harvey C. Hullinger

History of Harvey Coe Hullinger
DNA 97716
Winfield Scott Hullinger
b. 5 Jan 1848 in Sandusky, Ohio
d. 11 Aug 1916 in Vernal, Uintah, Utah
m. Annell Davis
DNA 97716
Winfield Scott Hullinger, Jr.
b. 14 Sep 1870 in Big Cottonwood, SLC, UT
d. 30 Oct 1941, Vernal Utah
m. Emma Theresa Lybbert
DNA 97716
Hollis Gilbert Hullinger
b. 23 Jan 1914 in Vernal Utah
still living
m. Elaine Goodrich
Mary Teresa Hullinger
b.Oct 25 1897
d. 25 Apr 1987
DelMar Norton is from this line.
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli,John or Johannes Hollinger, Born Abt 1749, Donegal, Westermorelend,
Pennsylvania, USA, Dec 17 Aug 1793, Donegal, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania,
USA. John 1st married Elizabeth Weneger, 1783, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.
2nd Elizabeth Petermann, 3 Dec 1776, York, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli,(Twin) Christopher Johann Hollinger, Born 20 Oct 1753, Warwick,
Chester, Pennsylvania, USA Died 20 Apr 1814, York, York, Pennsylvania, USA,
Buried Mummert's Burial, East Berlin, Pennsylvania, USA. Christopher married
1st Catharina Laver or Lauber, 2nd Catharina Elizabeth Bauer or Schwen.
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli,(Twin) Johann Adam Hollinger, Born 20 Oct 1753, Warwick, Chester,
Pennsylvania, USA. Died 1826, Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Johann
married Marie Barbara Rueschtin, Abt May 1773, Pennsylvania, USA.
Married 1st Anna Elisabeth Esterli,




(Twin) Johann Nicolaus Hollinger, 
Born 29 Nov 1726, Germany or Eldin, Waldormor, Switzerland,
Died 1784/5, Pennsylvania, USA,
married: Catharina Elizabeth Bauer or Schwen, Bef 1749, at Eldin, Waldormor, Switzerland

source: DelMar Norton 
source: will
source: book "...lieutanant Revolutionary War."

Immigration: 1743 Pennsylvania, Germany
 (per Kline*=county records** and Will***)
PHILIP*** born ca 1750 (married by 1775)
Born Donegal township, Lancaster, PA Appears on taxlist 1762. Moved to Frankliin, PA
JACOB* listed by Kline
DANIEL***on will
EVA**b/b Jul27,1768
ANNA MARIA**b/b Feb 29.1763
CATHERINA**b/b Jan17,1761
CHRISTIAN**b/b May 2,1765 (Kline record = Christian Hollinger undt Eva.
ELIZABETH**birth Not Recorded, married Fred BOYER, No kids (ages? or Bauerfamily)
ANNA MAGDALEN**b/b May 20/1773? (Or does this pertain to BAUER kids?msh)
NICHOLAS (same as Philip? listed by Kline )
MICHAEL (listed by Kline
Jacob Hollinger
Birth: 1755, Donegal Twp Lancaster Co Pa
Death: 1827, Lancaster Co Pa
Abraham Hollinger
James Garfield Hollinger 
1876 Stark Co., Ohio


Christophel Hollinger
Birth: 20 Oct 1753, Warwick,Chester,PA
Death: 20 Apr 1814, Lancaster,Lancaster,PA

John Hollinger DNA Test #47783 - DNA Test #26112
Birth: 2 Oct 1777
, Warwick,Chester,PA

John Hollinger, 
b. 1814 Columbiana Co, Oh,
d. 1894 Columbiana Co, Oh.
Jason March Hollinger 
b. 1840 Columbiana Co, Oh
Levi Hollinger, 
b. 1845 Columbiana Co, Oh,
d. 1915 Columbiana Co, Oh.
Jacob Hollinger,
b. 25 Jul 1787, Warwick,Chester,PA DNA Test #97720
m. Susanna Jacob, Birth: 16 Nov 1797, ,Lancaster,Pennsylvania

1850 Census Paradise, York, Pennsylvania
father deceased born PA
Susan Hullinger 53 abt 1797 PA
Mary Hullinger 25 abt 1825 PA
Cath Hullinger 23
George Hullinger 7
Jacob Hullinger 5
Jacob G. Hullinger
b. abt 1845 PA
d. ??
m. Eveline Mellisa Brandon (previous marriage to Day)

Jacob diappeared after 1881
occupation Lumberman

Jacob G. Hullinger 37
Evaline Hullinger 33
Lorena Hullinger 16
Huey B. Hullinger 1
Keziah Brandon 66
Thomas J. Brandon 21
George Brandon 18
William Robertson 45
Hugh Brandon Hullinger
b. 20 Oct 1879 Corinne, Box Elder, UT
d. 19 July 1948 Tooele, UT
m. 29 Feb 1908 Tooele, UT
Ada Isabel Bethel b.7 Mar 1877, Ophir, UT
Hugh Bethel Hullinger
b. 5 Sep 1916 Ophir, UT
d. 16 Aug 1965 Tooele, UT
m. 1 Sep 1939
Mary Evelyn England
Daniel Hullinger
Joan Hullinger
Mary Hullinger
b.abt 1825 PA
Cath Hullinger
b.1727 PA
George Hullinger
b.1843 PA
12871 285th Street
Mason City, Ia

Son of Miles Hollinger 1909 Dec Co, IA
Son of Harold Hollinger 1883 Dec Co, Ia
Son of Jason March Hollinger 1840 Columbiana Co, Oh
Son of John Hollinger 1814 Columbiana Co, Oh
Son of John Hollinger 1777 Lancaster Co, PaSon of Christian Hollinger 1734 Pa
NGG test
Jason Hollinger []

son ofson of James Garfield Hollinger 1876 Stark Co., Ohioson of Abraham Hollinger 1847
son of Jacob Hollinger 1820
son of Abraham Hollinger 1790
son of
son of Johann Nicklaus Hollinger 1726
William Hollinger
Kit Number: 47783
Test: Y-DNA12
Son of Harold Frederick Hollinger,
b. 1893 Columbiana Co, Oh,
d. 1965 Columbiana Co, Oh.

Son of Henry J Hollinger,
b. 1868 Columbiana Co, Oh,
d. 1934 Columbiana Co, Oh.

Son of Levi Hollinger,
b. 1845 Columbiana Co, Oh,
d. 1915 Columbiana Co, Oh.

Son of John (aka John Jr.) Hollinger,
b. 1814 Columbiana Co, Oh,
d. 1894 Columbiana Co, Oh.

Son of Johannes (aka John) Hollinger, 
b.1777 Lancaster Co, Pa,
d. 1864 Columbiana Co, Oh.

Son of Kristian (aka Christian) Hollinger,
b. 1734? Germany,
d. 1802?, Va.

Son of Johann (aka Hans) Jacob Hollinger,
b. 1701? Switzerland,
d. 1782? Lancaster Co, Pa.
Christian Hollinger
29 Nov 1726 ,,Switzerland
Marriage to Eva Dorothea Foltz Warwick,Chester,PA
Death Sockeville,Berkley,PA

  1. Daniel Hollinger 12 Mar 1757 Warwick,Lancaster,PA
  2. Catherina Hollinger Birth: 7 Aug 1760 Warwick, Lancaster,PA
  3. Maria Elizabeth Hollinger, Birth: 9 May 1764
  4. Christian Hollinger, Birth: 27 Sep 1767
  5. Eva Hollinger, Birth: 15 Jan 1774 Warwick,Lancaster,PA
  6. Johann George Hollinger, Birth: 3 Nov 1775, Warwick,Lancaster,PA
  7. Johannes Hollinger, Birth: 1 Sep 1777, Warwick,Lancaster,PA
  8. Christian Hollinger, Birth: 14 May 1780, Warwick,Lancaster,PA
  9. Magdalena Hollinger, Birth: 3 Oct 1781, Warwick,Lancaster,PA
  10. Jacob Hollinger, Birth: 16 Dec 1783, Warwick,Lancaster,PA

1786 - Admin Account Nicholas Hollinger deceased...
the account of John Hollinger and Christopher Hollinger execs. to the will of Nicholas Hollinger late of Donegal Twp in the County of Lancaster, yeoman deceased ...
Total received [in monetary unit pounds] 127.14.5
[final number on right is illegible on entire column:]
36 items paid out listing to whom paid and amounts - totaling 55.17.?
Distribution of balance 71.?.?:To Catherine the Widow of the Deceased on the third part of a Debt of 31.4.0 charged to and payable by Daniel Hollinger one of the sons of the Deceased agreeable to the Direction of the will 10.?.?
[Then listed and in this order are names each to receive amount of 6.1?] Philip Hollinger, Fredrick Boyer and Elizabeth his wife previously they were listed as Byer
owing money to the estate],
Jacob Hollinger
Daniel Hollinger
Catherine Hess
Anna Maria Hollinger
Christian Hollinger
Eve Hollinger
Magdalena Hollinger
noted that Catherine Hess' husband did not take receipt - assumption he was deceased?(sonnie)

ca 1725/1786 (son of Jacob 170l/1782)
married ca 1749 Catherine Elizabeth (BAUER?)
Brothers by Will = JOHN HOLLINGER and CHRISTOPHER HOLLINGERChildren (per Kline*=county records** and Will***)
PHILIP*** born ca 1750 (married by 1775)
JACOB* listed by Kline
DANIEL***on will
EVA**b/b Jul27,1768
ANNA MARIA**b/b Feb 29.1763
CATHERINA**b/b Jan17,1761
CHRISTIAN**b/b May 2,1765 (Kline record = Christian Hollinger undt Eva. m. Eliz Help,Kelp,etc= ? (someone Send =
ELIZABETH**birth Not Recorded, married Fred BOYER, No kids (ages? or Bauerfamily)
ANNA MAGDALEN**b/b May 20/1773? (Or does this pertain to BAUER kids?msh)
NICHOLAS (same as Philip? listed by Kline )
MICHAEL (listed by Kline
History of Harvey Coe Hullinger
Dr. Hullinger was born December 2, 1824 in Mad River Township, Champaign County, Ohio, the third child of John and Olive Coe Hullinger. His father was a native of Ohio, and his mother was a native of Conneticut. The parents of Dr. Hullinger were married in 1820, in Columbus Ohio, and soon after their marriage moved to Champaign County, most of that country being densely a timbered domain. To this union was born four sons and five daughters, all of whom have passed away, Dr. Hullinger being the last. The sons all lived more than eighty-six years; three of the daughters died young, but one lived to the age of seventy-six years.

In 1833 the family of Dr. Hullinger migrated to Illinois, where the father engaged in farming until his death in 1836. The mother died in 1840. After this, Dr. Hullinger took up the study of medicine, and received his diploma as a physician in 1852 from a college in Columbus, Ohio. He at once began the practice of medicine and continued it until his death (1925), a period of time spanning three-fourths of a century.
In 1852 he returned to Illinois and in the following year moved to Clinton County, Iowa, where he remained until the spring of 1859. In May of that year, he and his family went to Omaha, Nebraska and joined a party of emigrants who were about to leave for Utah in a train consisting of fifty-nine wagons. This wagon train started the same month and arrived in Salt Lake, then a struggling town. On September 7, the same year, during the journey across the plains, hundreds of Indian bands, large and small, were encountered but no trouble of any importance occured. Before the train started from Omaha, orders were issued that every wagon was to carry an extra allotment of one hundred pounds of flour and a supply of sugar, bacon and beans for the red men of the plains. During the journey these supplies were doled out in restricted rations whenever the Indians were accosted, and as a result, practically no molestations by Indians hampered the orderly progress of the caravan.
Dr. Hullinger, in 1842, before he was eighteen years old, embraced the Mormon faith and has remained a member of that church uninteruptedly for eighty-three years. Charles C. Rich, grandfather of Dr. Homer E. Rich of Vernal, Utah, baptized the new convert into the Mormon church at Ottowa, Illinois. The ceremony took place September 14, 1842 and Dr. Hullinger is without a doubt the oldest member of his church in point of years of membership (at the time of this writing), and there are but few members who exceed his years in life.
Dr. Hullinger saw and conversed with Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, having met him while residing in Nauvoo, Illinois. In 1845, he was well acquainted with President Brigham Young, having first met him in 1842. Dr. Hullinger was living near Carthage at the time of the death of Joseph and Hirum Smith. He located to Mill Creek in Salt Lake Valley when he came to Utah.
In 1862 he served as a good soldier and many thrilling experiences have been related of the Civil War he had enlisted in. He was commissioned a Lieutenant. After the war, he returned to his home at Mill Creek and resumed his practice of medicine.
He later went to St. George, Utah, where he lived for a short time. Then he went back to the Salt Lake Valley and filed a track of land located two and one-half miles northwest of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
In October 1883, he came to Uintah County, Utah. He first settled in Jensen and did much to relieve the suffering of the sick as a physician, going any distance in any kind of weather to aid the sick with his services. He rode as far as sixty-five miles to attend patients.
Being acquainted with the language of the Indians, Dr. Hullinger did much to make peace between the redskin and the whites. At times he intervened when nothing but bloodshed would have resulted had it not been for him. He became a friend of the Indians and was known as their medicine man.
In 1891 the pioneer physician moved to Vernal, Utah, where he has made his home until his death. He served as county physician and for many years was the only doctor in the basin. He also was County Commissioner for two terms. During the influenza epidemic in 1917-1918, he worked in conjunction with the other physicians of the county to relieve the afflicted.
He was thrice married and four children blessed these unions; two sons and two daughters. His first wife died in 1857, in Ohio. Thle second wife died in 1880, in Salt Lake Valley, and the third wife in Vernal, in 1906.
Dr. Hullinger has been a resident of the state of Utah since 1859 and a resident of Uintah County since 1883. He was the oldest practicing physician in the United States, the oldest member of the Grand Army of the Republic in the state of Utah, the oldest member of the Latter-Day Saint Church (in point of continous membership), and the second oldest Civil War Veteran in the nation. The 100th birthday of the pioneer was celebrated December 2, 1924, when nearly 900 people gathered to listen to the words of this great man and to enjoy the program and lunch.
In his address that day, Dr. Hullinger said that Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independance, and the third president of the United States, lived two years after he was born, and Abraham Lincoln was fifteen years old. He said, "You cannot do anything in life that is more worth while than being honorable and full of integrity. Take care of your health, learn to work, be a good citizen of this great and glorious country that we live in, honor and obey it's laws, be kind and gentle and do good to other people, and if you do this, I promise you that God will bless you and fill your lives with happiness as long as you live".
His youngest son Adelbert, died in Vernal in 1915 at the age of sixty-five years and the older son Winfield Scott, died in Vernal in 1917, at the age of sixty-nine years. The two daughters, Mrs. Rhonda Ann Lee and Mrs. Sarah Christiana Perry, reside at Lapoint, Utah and Vernal, Utah, respectively.
Truly a patriarch, Dr. Hullinger had at his death, one hundred and thirty-seven living decendants, two daughters, twenty-three grandchildren, and thirty great grandchildren. The variation in the span of life of the patriarch and that of his youngest direct decendant was more than one hundred years. He died in Vernal, Utah, January 29, 1925. He was 101 years old.