Map of J2 Locations

The map below shows Y Chromosome distribution in Europe 2000 years ago. Note how J2 originated in the middle east and then spread along the seacoast. 

Haplogroup J (Y-DNA)

J is a Middle Eastern haplogroup, divided into the northern J2 and the southern J1. J2 is by far the most common variety in Europe.

The map below shows the spread of J2. The darker green color indicates higher numbers of men with J2.

"Iran shows some of the highest levels of Haplogroup M172 in the world. When one factors in the population of Iran, it may be one of the most populous countries of men bearing the mutation defining Haplogroup J2. But did Haplogroup J2 originate in Iran? This topic is far more complicated and most sources simply indicate its origin as the Northern Portion of the Fertile crescent which could include the northern Levant, Anatolia, Syria, Iraq or Iran. "

Info / Sources

Our Y Chromsome Haplogroup is J. It is further modified by 2 and a4f2, so it is J2a4h2. The following are some interesting bits of information.

"Haplogroup J2 is found in the highest concentrations in the Caucasus and the Fertile Crescent and is found throughout the Mediterranean(including the Italian, Anatolian and Iberian peninsulas and North Africa)[20].
The highest ever reported concentration of J2 was 72% in Northeastern Georgia. Other high reports include Ingush 32%, Cypriots 30-37%, Lebanese 30%, Iraqis 29.7%, Syrians 22.5%, Kurds 24%-28%, Iranians 23%, Ashkenazi Jews 24%, Palestinian Arabs 16.8%-25%, Sephardic Jews 29%, and North Indian Shia Muslims 18%, Chechens 26%, Balkars 24%, Yaghnobis 32%, Armenians 21-24%, and Azerbaijanis 24%-48%.
Consistent with its Middle Eastern extent, J2a also includes the Cohen Modal Haplotype," which is a haplogroup found in the Priests descendants of Biblical Aaron.

"J2a4h2 (M158) (location under L24 uncertain).  Found with low frequency in Turkey, South Asia, and Indochina.

"the J2 subclade is abundant in India (2-22%), and its frequency peaks in the Northwest region."

"Anatolia is most likely the source of this subclade in India, again consistent with the West to East flow of J2.  The date of this invasion points to a period during or after the Neolithic era, and East west towards the levant in the historic times. "

"J2 lineage is also found in SW India with an interesting frequency trend: a higher fraction of J2 in the higher castes and decreasing amounts in lower castes."

"J2a. M410 subclade is present in the Middle East and Southcentral Asia (~4%), which includes India and Nepal. In India, there is a general trend for increased J2a frequency in higher castes. It has also been found in Crete (1-2%), Yadavas (South India) 20%, Tharus (Nepal) 12%-22%...."

"However , The sister clade of J2a4h1 - AKA -J2a4h2 (M158) (location under L24 uncertain) Found with low frequency in Turkey, South Asia, and Indochina."

"J2a4a (M47, M322) Found with low frequency in Georgia, southern Iran, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Syria,Turkey,the UAE, India and Central Asia/Siberia."