Approximate Ages of "Y" J

All of the ages are estimates and subject to change as more is learned. All people are descended from one man who lived about 60,000 +- in Africa.

The following are estimated years ago from the mutation that created our lineage.

J                  20,000 - 23,000

J2                16,000 - 20,000

J2a              16,000 - 19,000

J2a4              4,200 - 11,000

J2a4h (L25)  10,000 - 12,000

J2a4h2 (L24)  8,200 - 12,000   (Hullingers)

Table of Age estimation by Marko Heinila

The age of 8,200 gave our paternal ancestors plenty of time to leave the middle east and get to AArgau, Switzerland. Presumably he was a fairly late entrant to Switzerland as not many Swiss are J2. But it is also not that far from areas in Italy where there are numerous J2. 

Our ancestor could have been someone who was with the people who brought agriculture to Europe, a Phoenician, a Roman soldier or slave, or a Jew, or some of the above. We will probably never know for sure, although further progress in testing may bring more clues. But it is fun to speculate.