Hollinger (Hullinger) Swiss name locations. Our ancestors were from the villages of Boniwill, Egliswil, Seengen, and Holwil in Canton Aargau, Switzerland.

Surname Canton Community Citizenship obtained Place of origin

Holliger AG Aarau 1910, 1924 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger AG Boniswil a
Holliger AG Egliswil 1880 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger AG Gontenschwil a
Holliger AG Lenzburg b
Holliger AG Oberentfelden a
Holliger AG Oberkulm 1860 (Boniswil AG)

Holliger AG Schinznach Dorf 1877 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger AG Seengen a
Holliger AG Zofingen 1895 (Beinwil am See AG)
Holliger BS Basel 1902, 1914, 1920, 1927 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger BS Basel 1933 (Oberentfelden AG)
Holliger BS Basel 1947 (Oberkulm AG)
Holliger BS Basel 1919 (Zofingen AG)

Holliger GR Chur 1922 (Seengen AG)
Holliger NE Neuchâtel 1888 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger TG Arbon 1943 *
Holliger ZH Opfikon 1948 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger ZH Volketswil 1921 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger ZH Winterthur 1919 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger ZH Zürich 1926, 1927, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1945, 1951, 1952, 1958, 1959 (Boniswil AG)
Holliger ZH Zürich 1956 (Volketswil ZH)

Legend: a = before 1800; b = in 19th century; c = in 20th century.


Name Origin

Our Hollinger (Hullinger) Name, according to Genealogy Family Education.


South German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone from places called Holling or Hollingen.


I have recently been in communication with Alois Ohrhallinger in Austria.  He has done considerable research on the name, and he believes that everyone with the Hallinger / Hollinger / Hullinger name originated in Austria. He could well be right since there are signficant concentrations of Hollinger's in Austria, and our Hullinger name came from Hollinger.  His writings in the blog below.


Hullinger / Hollinger J2a4h2

The table below results from a search in FamilyTreeDNA.com for the Hollinger name, which includes Hullinger and Holiger. The first seven Hollingers are closely related. The last three are not closely related.

Persons Closely related to Our Y J2a4h2 - Our Genetic "Cousins"

The information above is from a search for persons matching our Y Haplogroup of J2a4h2.  The right column shows the genetic distance, with 0 being the closest. Ten of the respondents above indicate that their oldest male ancestor is from Europe, while four say the middle east (two Syria, two Sephardic Jews), Thirteen don't know.

Out of Africa

The map above depicts human migration. Most scientists believe that Homo Sapiens originated in Africa, expanded into the middle east, and then around the world. Homo Sapiens immigrated into Europe about 40,000 years ago. Our haplogroup, J2a4h2, left the middle east much later for southern Europe. Our ancestor eventually reached County Aargau, Switzerland.

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Y Distribution Map and Table

J-2 Originated in Mesopotamia

The map above shows the distribution of J2 in Europe and North Africa.

Haplogroup J (Y-DNA)
"J is a Middle Eastern haplogroup, divided into the northern J2 and the southern J1. J2 is by far the most common variety in Europe."

Haplogroup J2

"J2 originated in northern Mesopotamia, and spread westward to Anatolia and southern Europe, and eastward to Persia and India. J2 is related to the Ancient Etruscans, (Minoan) Greeks, southern Anatolians, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylonians."
"In Europe, J2 reaches its highest frequency in Greece (especially in Crete, Peloponese and Thrace), southern and central Italy, southern France, and southern Spain. The ancient Greeks and Phoenicians were the main driving forces behind the spread J2 around the western and southern Mediterranean."

"J2 is thought to have arrived in Greece from Anatolia in the early Neolithic, or possibly even earlier. J2b perhaps originated in Greece (or in Anatolia ?), like haplogroup E-V13 (see below) to which it is closely linked. The propagation of J2b and E-V13 (as well as a minority of T) follows the diffusion of agriculture across the Balkans, the Danube basin, and until the north of France to the west, and Moldova to the east. Apart from south-east Europe, J2b is also found all around India, but only at moderate levels in between Europe and India."

"The world's maximum concentrations of J2a is in Crete (32% of the population). The subclade J2a8 appears to be native to Crete. J2a also reaches high frequencies in Anatolia and the southern Caucasus. A likely place of origin is northern Mesopotamia."

"Interestingly, J2a* is found as far as India and is largely confined to the upper castes. The Brahmin (priest) caste is made up almost exclusively of haplogroups R1a1, R2, and J2a (although R1a1 makes up two thirds of the lineages). These 3 haplogroups have Bronze Age coalescence time and are thought to represent the gene flow of the Indo-Aryan invasion of the Indian subcontinent about 3,500 years ago."

Haplogroup J1

"J1 is a typically Semitic haplogroup, making up most of the population of the Arabian peninsula. Its highest density is observed in Yemen (72%), which could be its native place. The Muslim conquest of the Middle East, North Africa, and to a lower extent also to Sicily and southern Spain, spread J1 far beyond Arabia, creating a new Arabic world."

"A considerable part of Jewish people belong to J1 and J2, although J2 is more common. J1 is the Cohen Modal Haplotype, meaning that about three quarters of the people called Cohen, Kohen, or a variant belong to a specific J1 haplotype. In the Hebrew Bible the common ancestor of all Cohens is identified as Aaron, the brother of Moses."

Our Chromosome in Sumeria

The first farmers from Samarra migrated to Sumer, and built shrines and settlements at Eridu
"In spite of the importance of this region, genetic studies on the Sumerians are limited and generally restricted to analysis of classical markers due to Iraq's modern political instability. It has been found that Y-DNA Haplogroup J2 originated in Northern Mesopotamia.[18][19] The Sumerians were a non-Semitic people, and spoke a "language isolate"; a number of linguists believed they could detect a substrate language beneath Sumerian. However, the archaeological record shows clear uninterrupted cultural continuity from the time of the Early Ubaid period (5300 – 4700 BC C-14) settlements in southern Mesopotamia. The Sumerian people who settled here farmed the lands in this region that were made fertile by silt deposited by the Tigrisand the Euphrates rivers."

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J2a4h Distribution

The Map above and data below show the locations of people with J2a4h Haplogroup.

Map above and data below are by DDugas, link below:
J2a4h 445=10 Geographic distribution
Most distant ancestor locations for confirmed J2 cases carrying DYS 450=9 and 445=10, indicative of subclade L24, L25. Along with another few markers, these markers 450 and 445 distinguish L25 from most other J2a1's who carry 8 and 12 respectively at DYS 450 and 445.
Huntingdonshire, UK
SMGF John Baxter 1800
St. Pierre, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, FR
Jean Ducas (puis Dugas) dit Labreche 1657
Egliswil, Switzerland
Junghans Hullinger 1510
Nieuweschans, Netherlands
SMGF Daniel Van Zomeren 1818
Tahmek, Yucatan, Mexico
Abroncio Casanova SMGF
Unnamed SMGF
Unnamed SMGF
Campeche, Mexico
Tello Carenzo SMGF
Tenancingo, Toluca, Mexico
Gonzalez, SMGF
Amman, Jordan
Hussein Al-Issa SMGF
Jenin, West Bank
Mustafa Al-Neirat SMGF
Ourense, Spain
Alvarez y Salazar 1862
Al Qaraan SMGF
King et al 2007 DYS 445=10
King et Al 2007 DYS 445=10
Unnamed Pakistan SMGF
Leek, UK
FTDNA Wardle, Worley and Ward 1702
The Marsh, Shropshire, UK
SMGF Johannes Gough 1557
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Jesus Puente 1895 SMGF
Rumskulla, Sweden
SMGF Anders Pettersson 1823
Jorge Ribeiro SMGF
King et al 2007 DYS 445=10
Derio, Pais Vasco, Spain
Jose Victoriano Aburto b. 1827 Puebla, MX
Sisley, Gujarat, India
Purshottam Jethva
Luzzara, Italy
Zaccaria Nosari 1842
Beirut, Lebanon
El-Hoss J-L24 DNA Project
Ernesto Guerra SMGF
Norfolk, UK
SMGF Edward Kiddle 1803
Tulkarm, Palestine
Abdel-Fattah Salameh 1896 SMGF
Mostardas, RS, Brazil
Herminino Veira SMGF
Urbina (maternal name listed) SMGF
Tarhuna, Libya
Ziad Talhouni FTDNA J2a4h SNP tested
Akka, Israel
Abdul Salam Skaik SMGF
Doroteo Ramon Jesus SMGF
Tiruvalla, India
Jacob Thomas Manakalathil
Doha, Qatar
Mohammed Al-Suwaidi
Ahmed Al-Shaibani
Nova Siri, Italy
Vincenzo Cosentino J-L24 Project
Gelgaudiskis, Lithuania
FTDNA Sederevicius, b. 1715
Southern Belarus
Rueven haCohen Katz 1760
Minsk, Belarus
Samuel Walker SMGF
Warsaw, Poland
Josef Blaufuks 1870
Saukenai, Lithuania
Itsyk Shenzul
Kamianiec, Belarus
FTDNA Aizik Kaplanski b 1891
Mlawa, Poland
FTDNA Szlama haCohen Kankus
Vienna, Austria
FTDNA Hirsh Rubin b. 1851
Cmielow, Poland
Pinchus Blumstein b. 1873
Babruysk, Belarus
Philip Catznelson b. 1898
London, UK
FTDNA Lewis Cohen immig. 1900
Westland, Netherlands
Arent Van Santen b. 1575
Sandomierz, Poland
FTDNA Chaim Judka Czapnik 1862
Bialystock, Poland
Kalman Katz Kaplan 1867
Zabludow, Poland
Carl Wishnack B. December 4, 1888
Luis Hernandez SMGF
Bogota, Colombia
Benedicto Zambrano. origin Colombia, Confirmed pre-J2a1h with 450=9 and 445=10
Frosinone, Italy
unnamed FTDNA
Kottayam, India
George Matthew
Sevilla, Spain
Salvador Plascencia, Sevilla. J-L24 DNA project. DYS 445=10, DYS 450=9
Conturbia-Agrate, Novara, Italy
Francesco Pavarini N12021
Alcamo, Sicily
Di Gaetano et Al 2008. M172 w/445=10
Troina, Sicily
Di Gaetano et al 2008 M172 w/ 445=10
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Jose Navarro Lara SMGF, J2 w/445=10
Fries, Virginia, USA
George Jennings FTDNA
Lincoln Co. NC, USA
Jacob Stroup II b. 1771 FTNDA J-L24 Project
Calera, Zacatecas, Mexico
Genovevo Banuelos SMGF
New York, USA
SMGF William Bess b. 1841
Iquitos, Peru
Pedro Melendez Bardales b 1880 SMGF
Zacatecas, Mexico
Julian Castenada b 1760 SMGF
Arequipa, Peru
Manuel Tejada b 1867 SMGF
Cochin, India
Abraham Chandy Cheruthone
Penjamillo, Mexico
Longinos Hernandez Alvarez b. 1892 SMGF
Feres, Alexandropoulis, Greece
Dimitar Dermendjiev SMGF
Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Alnemer 3E3P6, S5GW5, X67CS
Msaken, Tunisia
112552 Gazzah
Canatlan, Durango, MX
Juan Jose Quinones 1780
Montefortino, AP, Italy
Giovan Verri J-L24 DNA Project
Dvinsk, Latvia
Zerdin kit 27414
Torres Vedras, Portugal
Pereira Cunha N10014
Sarikamis, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Erzurum, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Erzincan, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Tunceli, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Tunceli, Turkey
# 2 445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bitlis, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bitlis, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bitlis, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bursa, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Sumnu, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bilecik, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Konya, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Istanbul, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Istanbul, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Istanbul, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Tokat, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Kastamonu, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bayburt, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bayburt, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Bayburt, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Diyarbakir, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Kilis, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Antakya, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Mersin, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Kayseri, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Yozgat, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Karabuk, Turkey
445=10 M410+ Cinnioglu/King
Indo-european M158+ Nav Buddha Sengupta 2006
Afghanistan, Hazara
CEPH Hazara M158+,
India South
Dravidian M158+ Iyer/Iyengar
Semino et al 2004 M158+
M158+, cited in Onofri/Capelli 2007
Halab, Syria (Aleppo)
FTDNA 14769 J2 w/ 445=10
Taraz, Kazakhstan
Itmanbetov YSearch 63KTF
Dedacov, Slovakia
Jacob Mandel Ysearch XHK4M
Saudi Arabia
unnamed SMGF w/445=10. close match to Jordan samples from SMGF
SMGF J2 w/445=10
Florianopolis, Brazil
Manoel Florentino Silva-SMGF
United Arab Emirates
M4269 Al-Marzouqi J2
Hassloch, Germany
123280 George Heinrich Seibel.
from L24 DNA project, J2a4h confirmed via SNP test
Tetuan, Morocco
Benmaman 131218
United Arab Emirates
Al-Hashemi M5006.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Unnamed-J-L24 DNA Project
Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia
Ysearch NFN7F Confirmed J2a4h
Salah Ysearch AE255
United Arab Emirates
Abdul Kareem J-L24 DNA project M4258
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Albrakati Ysearch PNGYV J2a4h Candidate
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
156722 and 152462 Salman and nqaraia
Gonabad, Iran
unnamed, SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/q3ocw2
Chitre, Herrera, Panama
Nicolas Rodriguez SMGF J2 w/445=10 http://tinyurl.com/r6h2on
Cocachacra, Peru
Jacinto Tomas Gomez Salas b 1890 SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/ovcepp
Salmas, Iran
Unnamed SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/qnjlwa
Tehran, Iran
Unnamed SMGF J2 w 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/omqsbk
Arak, Markazi, Iran
SMGF-unnamed J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/o27f6d
Unnamed- SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/mcab75
Medrano SMGF http://tinyurl.com/n34prh J2 w/445=10
Mazandaran Province, Iran
unnamed, SMGF J2 w/445=10 http://tinyurl.com/ksu4ur
Varamin, Iran
unnamed SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/nzntqs
SMGF J2 w/445=10 http://tinyurl.com/mjumwe
SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/m4xwrm
Khomein, Iran
unnamed SMGF, predicted J2a4h http://tinyurl.com/kwjhul
Sabzevar, Iran
J2 w/ 445=9-first case. Predicted J2a4h http://tinyurl.com/nuc9yg
Msaken, Tunisia
Mohamed Mehdi Youssef J-L24 DNA project kit 159583
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al-Tammini J-L24 DNA Project 156722
Barcelona, Spain
Jose Martin N42657 J2a4h w/DYS 445=10
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
164789, 164791, 164792, 164796 J-L24 DNA Project
Msaken, Tunisia
147422 J-L24 DNA Project
Censo, Italy
Defazio SMGF http://tinyurl.com/y8nfjop DYS445=10
Gorgan, Iran
N45497 J-L24 DNA Project
Al Hidd, Bahrain
166195 J-L24 DNA Project
Mosul, Iraq
Sharfan, SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/2bu2uxt
SMGF J2 w/445=10 http://tinyurl.com/2etgh5l
SMGF unnamed J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/2etgh5l
SMGF unnamed J2 w/445=10 http://tinyurl.com/2etgh5l
SMGF J2 w/445=10 unnamed http://tinyurl.com/2etgh5l
Mazory, SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/39r5hay
SMGF J2 w 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/2wms6we
Mohammed, SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/39exnwn
SMGF, J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/2v4x7ws
SMGF J2 w/ 445=10 http://tinyurl.com/279q7j2
Kuwait City, Kuwait
173116 J'L24 DNA Project
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
kit 15064, 15068, 15069 J-L24 DNA Project
abbotabad, Pakistan
kit 57965 J-L24 DNA Project
Kahramanmaraş, Süleymanlı, Turkey
kit 178715 J-L24 DNA project. 445=10
Malayer, Iran
Ovakem, kit 181272 Haplogroup J Project
Marjaayoun, Lebanon
N36177, Haplogroup J project
Palermo, Sicily

Sivas, Turkey
Sarkis Karagueuzian, b.~1850, Sivas, Turkey J-L24 DNA Project
kit M6299 Arabworld DNA project
Ahmadabad, Iran
kit 189339 J-L24 Project
Tabriz, Iran
Onat, kit 55151 J-L24 DNA Project
Elazig, Turkey
N21925 J-L24 DNA Project
Baghdad, Iraq
188798 J-L24 DNA Project Saadawi
United Arab Emirates
M6398 M6424 J-L24 DNA Project
191685 J2 Arab Project
Saudi Arabia-Al Qurashi
M6575 J2 Arab Project
Doha, Qatar
Al Jaber, Ysearch DVSNV

Cremona, Italy
http://tinyurl.com/4cnv2dv Alessandretti-SMGF
SMGF http://tinyurl.com/4o2lpfp
King 2011 3 Haplotypes J2a4h w/ 445=10