Y Chromosome DNA

Y Chromosome DNA Test Results
for Descendants, Cousins and Ancestors 
of John Hullinger of Vivian, South Dakota 
Test on Craig Harlan Hullinger  October 2010

Kit Number 187484

The map below shows our middle east origins.

Our Haplogroup is J2a4h2

The Table below shows the results from the Hullinger, Hollinger, Holinger DNA Study. You can see that we are closely related to the first four people in the table with the Hollinger / Hullinger name. The last three people share our name by are not closely related to us. Our thanks to Scot Norton of http://www.nortonfamily.net/  for conducting this study. Over time more people with the Hullinger name will have their DNA tested and enlarge this data base.

We did not know our European ethnic origins before 1980. The name sounded German. Our aunts speculated that we were descended from the unpopular Hessians who fought for the British against us in the American Revolution. John and Pearl Harlan Hullinger wrote in "Memories and Milestones" that our Hullinger and Hart ancestors were Pennsylvania Dutch, who were immigrants to Pennsylvania from German speaking areas.

After Roots popularized genealogy Clifford Harlan Hullinger became interested and did considerable research. He solicited and got information from several sources. Over time he developed a detailed genealogy.  He found that our paternal line originated in Canton Aargau, Switzerland.

Our Detailed Genealogy on the Link Below: